The Daily Mile: Is This The Game-Changing Public Health Initiative That We Have Been Waiting For?

BMJ Talk Medicine: The Daily Mile Podcast

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Over the last 20 years across the western world the increasing toll of sedentary behaviour on young peoples physical and mental wellbeing is a well-documented phenomenon. Many different piecemeal policy initiatives have failed to tackle the problem. In this podcast Steve Aspinall (BASRAT) speaks to head teacher Elaine Wyllie about the daily mile initiative. This simple game changing initiative provides massive public health benefits though a simple philosophy of non-competitive outdoor fun that is accessible to all children regardless of age, gender, ability or socioeconomic background.
Listen to Steve and Elaine discuss this inspirational initiative and find out how you can get involved:

1:03 What is the daily mile?
1:49 How is the daily mile implemented in schools what are examples of best practice?
4:54 Does the daily mile work for all children?
8:56 How does the weather impact participation?
11:43 Local and national level support
15:04 Preliminary results of a large scale study
17:00 How to get involved