Generation of active Scots heading to the gym and ditching football

Source: The Scotsman

Date: 05-January-2018

A new generation of fitness-conscious Scots is driving a rise in the number of people heading to the gym as part of their daily routine – but a fifth of adults still do not get the exercise they need.

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell said the rise in walking and exercise is being „championed“ by the Scottish Government through its ambition to make Scotland the „world’s first Daily Mile nation.“

She added: „By walking just one mile a day, people can make huge changes to their lives. Something as simple as a 15 minute walk each day and being more active generally can improve mental and physical health.

„It is cost-effective and demonstrates that prevention really is better than cure. The health risks are stark: seven Scots die every day due to inactivity, often long before they have to. 2018 is the year to get Scots more active.“

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